Another Time, Another Airport

Inspired by the idea of a desolate airport of the future made with repurposed materials. This bench was originally designed to accompany an art exhibition at the Steam Whistle Brewing Roundhouse.

The latest version of the bench represents an idea of what can be done by repurposing elements and using what material is available. The slats are made from old pews from an extinct Toronto church from the east end. The slats are riveted to sliced up conveyor belt repurposed from an old glass manufacturing plant. These slatted seats mimic old style wood conveyor apron. The frames of the benches are made out of red oak reworked from the former trim of the Intergalactic Travel Authority at 1165 Bloor St. These wooden elements are affixed to each other with repurposed piston rods salvaged from a former engine repair shop on Ossington and allow for change of angle within the bench. The slatted seating allows for sway and movement for added comfort.

Companions to this bench reside at the Intergalactic Travel Authority, a children's writing-centre in Bloordale. 


Original Design 2004

Re-designed 2012 for the Intergalactic Travel Authority

Original Materials:
Repurposed conveyour apron from a defunct felt factory in beech with birch plywood

Also made with conveyor apron made with salvaged church pews, repurposed piston rods

1830 mm x 410 mm x 640 mm
(72" x 16" x 25")