"preoccupied" opening reception this sunday

by Tiffany Dressler in

“Pre-Occupied” is a pop up exhibition featuring work that deals with various themes of occupation. This exhibition explores how our pre-occupations are manifested in objects. The Opening Reception is this Sunday March 11th 3-5pm at 173 MacDonell Ave, Garden Garage.

The theme of the opening is "Occupy your Kitchen", based on the idea that everyone should occupy their kitchens, creating space for dialogue.

We're joining Kasia Czanota, Department of Unusual Certainties, Hugo Didier, Hey Day Design, Taliaferro Jones, Amanda McCavour, Sally McCubbin, Public Display of Affection (PDA), Liz Pead and Ruth Scheuing in exhibiting work exploring the act of making objects and issues of expression, communication, employment, community and production.

Exhibit hours: Weekends noon-6pm | Weekdays by appointment

info@preoccupied.ca or call 416.688.8681