Boehmer Unveiled

by Tiffany Dressler in ,

After months of anticipation we are pleased to announce the unveiling of Boehmer Restaurant on Ossington. We will be celebrating the imminent opening this Thursday and Friday evenings, March 11 and 12. The interior is a collaboration between Paul Boehmer, Roy Banse Design and Brothers Dressler. We have designed and produced many of the interior elements with a focus on reclaimed and local material including the bar, harvest table, deuces, private dining area, school chairs, branches chandelier, bottle farms, bathroom stalls and the exterior facade.

Also on Thursday is the official opening of Kelly Clipperton's new photo exhibit 'Order Will Keep You Calm'.

Join us Thursday March 11th  from 7pm and/or Friday March 12 from 6pm 93-95 Ossington Avenue