The YMCA Table project

by Tiffany Dressler in

Its an honour and a pleasure to be building the gathering table for YMCA's Canadian head office. The table will be built "out of Canadian YMCA stories". Staff members from each of Canada's 53 YMCA chapters have been asked to recall stories that define and inspire their YMCA communities. The story must make a connection to an artifact, such as a piece of wood, metal, glass or an ornamental object, which will become part of the table. It was like Christmas morning last week when the boxes of artifacts poured in to our studio. The photo below belies the variety and charm of the pieces; from paddles and wood to iron bars, pieces of wheat and a survivor kit for hemophiliacs... designing and building this table will be a wonderful challenge and adventure.

This project was launched at the National Council of YMCAs' 2010 Annual General Meeting and the table will be unveiled at its next meeting in May 2011 on the eve of the Council's centennial. It will be housed in YMCA Canada's boardroom. Visit the YMCA Table Project blog to read more about the artifacts and the stories they represent.