More Public Displays of Affection, they're at it again...

by Tiffany Dressler in ,

We're proud to have been a part of the original PDA project and will be producing some lighting for their upcoming 40 Oaks project in Regent Park. The public may be divided on the concept but reading this quote from a resident who has struggled with homelessness for many years puts smiles on our faces: “It’s fantastic. It’s the nicest place I have ever lived in. I feel proud living here and I take care of it.”

Read more in the story from this past week's Toronto Star.

“It isn’t about architects giving these people nice places to live. Good design can change the whole aura and feeling of being in the neighbourhood. Now there are Bixi bikes outside. There’s no loitering. There are actually long-term benefits that permeate everything.” (Catherine Osborne, deputy editor at Azure magazine as quoted in the Toronto Star)