Reinterpreting Heirloom Furniture

by Tiffany Dressler in

Inspired in part by our recent work with the YMCA we are embarking on a new approach which we like to think of as reinterpreting heirloom furniture. Many we know have a cherished table inherited or given by family, sometimes in good shape, sometimes not so much, in most cases, no matter how beautiful or storied these pieces are they are also hard to incorporate into our contemporary lifestyles and spaces. They're too big and heavy (literally or visually), we don't like the finish or a particular element of detail or they simple don't fulfill a function for us.

Spurred by our endless search for ways to minimize waste, find new purposes for old things and honour craftsmenship we aim to transform these relics into new, beautiful and, most of all, useable pieces of furniture. You will be seeing examples of this work soon, in the meantime, if you are a less-than-proud owner of a piece of furniture that doesn't work with your life but you just can't bear to part with give us a call, we're full of ideas.