Bottle Lights

An assembly of found objects comes to life with illumination. A series of lights created from the spent vessels from gatherings of friends and festivities, found bottles from the turn of the century, discarded empties in a barren factory. Hanging from a wooden collar fabricated from the cut offs of other objects created at the Brothers Dressler workshop and illuminated from low wattage compact fluorescent bulbs in E12 base these lights glow with the feeling of nostalgia. 

There is a beauty in manufactured glass bottles, an array of shapes, colours and sizes. Already having a value during its life as a liquid receptacle it is now given a second life and an increase in value. Rather than just transporting it miles and miles to be recycled into glass again, these bottles are upcycled into something completely different.


Designed 2010

The lights are available in a variety of configurations, groups bundled hanging over head, stretches of bottles dripping from a plank of lumber or free standing hanging from a central spine.

Bottle Lights were first exhibited at MADE's 2010 Radiant Dark Assets and Values show.