Branches Chandelier

Growing from discarded extras and other cuts from local mills and salvaged trees, the branches lighting system follows the pattern of growth found throughout nature and mathematics. Branching between nodes connected with machine hardware it reaches out from a central stem emulating the organic patterns of life and movement. Each Branches Chandelier is handcrafted in Toronto as a one-of-a-kind object; no two are exactly alike. They are available in a number of standard sizes as well as customized to suit. 

1200 mm diameter in walnut

800 mm diameter in walnut


800 mm diameter in ebonized white oak


1700 mm diameter in walnut (photo: Janet Kimber)


1900 mm diameter in walnut


Custom version in ash.




Designed 2009

Available in the following diameters as well as custom configurations. 

800 mm (33in)
1200 mm (48in)
1700 mm (66in)
1850 mm (73")

Responsibly sourced hardwood
E12 candelabra sockets
machine hardware