Branches Chandelier - Slim

800 mm diameter slim in walnut

Following the patterns found throughout nature and mathematics, wood is connected at nodes of machine hardware. The branches reach out from a central stem which houses the illumination. Each Branches Chandelier is handcrafted in Toronto as a one-of-a-kind object; no two are exactly alike.

1200 mm diameter slim in walnut

The Branches chandelier has had many residential and commercial applications over tables in dining rooms and restaurants, as a dramatic focal point for foyers and lobbies in both private and public spaces, as well as a singular point of interest in other unique spaces.

1650 mm diameter slim in walnut (photo: Janet Kimber)



Designed 2009

Machine hardware,
various responsibly sourced hardwoods including: walnut,
ash, white oak and cherry.

Lamp: Socket E12 Candelabra 5x 25W Incandescent approx. 1550 lumen or warm white 4W LED bulbs, (CRI >80) approx. 2800 lumens.

Also available in crystal version enhanced with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
that drip from the tips of the branches.  

Available in the following standard sizes:

800 mm diameter X 450 mm tall (33" dia. x 18")

1200 mm diameter X 500 mm tall (48" dia. x 20")

1650 mm diameter X 600 mm tall (66" dia. x 24")

1850 mm diameter X 750 mm tall (73" dia. x 30")

Custom versions available. 

Canopy: 5"

Cable Length: 72" standard,
may be customized.