This is our collection of furniture and lighting regularly produced in small batches or on a made-to-order basis. Available in standard sizes with some room to customize as well. Some designs date back to our beginnings in 2003 and new pieces continue to be added to the collection. Each piece has been designed with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship, made to stand the test of time and be passed on for generations to come.



We use local, reclaimed, found, ecologically friendly and responsibly harvested materials, working to promote a return to local manufacturing and resources. Our design process uses as much of each material as possible, giving cut-offs and waste streams new life as innovative new products.

Commonly used materials include: 
• reclaimed white oak
• solid walnut
• Birch plywood
• osage orange
• reclaimed elm
• birch
• maple
• fir
• cherry
• hemlock
• ash
• salvaged hardware
• found objects
• Low-watt compact   fluorescent bulbs and LED lighting
• All natural stain
• Hemp oil finish
• Water-based lacquer finish
• Locally made beeswax finish