Cross II Table

Live edge is turned up to support a glass top and show off the intricacies of the joinery and bark. These edges are usually discarded at the mill to get to the heartwood, we make use of it and show off its character. This elm wood was salvaged from a dead Toronto tree has machined dowel pins holding the glass top available in different shapes.


Designed 2010

Custom built to order

Shown in locally harvested walnut.

198cm long x 84cm wide x 76cm tall (78" x 33" x 30")

Standard dining table sizes:

150cm x 76cm x 75cm
(60" x 30" x 30")  4-6 people

180cm x 80cm x 75cm  
(72" x 32" x 30")  6-8 people

240cm x 90cm x 75cm  
(96" x 36" x 30")  8-10 people

300cm x 106cm x 75cm
(120" x 42" x 30")  10-12 people

Also available as a desk or coffee table.

Also available as a coffee table.