The Elbow chair is designed to utilize some of the attributes of ash wood, used for centuries for its flexibility and durability. Ollie is a low-backed lounge and work chair. Bent at the elbow, three ash limbs combine to form the frame holding the seat and back. Ash weathers well and the Ollie chair can be made for outdoor use. Future designs in the Elbow collection will include a matching ottoman, high-backed lounge chair and a dining chair. 




An addition to our Ash Out of Quarantine series; introduced as part of IIDEX Woodshop.


Frame - solid ash salvaged from Toronto-felled trees coming down in large numbers due to the emerald ash borer infestation.

Machine hardware and repurposed skateboard
truck bushings.

Seat and back shown in
100% wool, also available
in other responsibly sourced fabric and solid wood.

Lightweight for packing
and easily disassembled.

Ash is durable and suitable for outdoor use.




Optional LED reading light; powered by USB and packaged with a two port 10Watt USB power supply to charge a tablet or phone.
Can be removed and used as a table lamp with 
accompanying stand.

Removable solid wood side desk fitted with a slot to hold a tablet computer; an ideal for a book, mouse, trackpad or sketchbook.

Future designs include a matching ottoman and high-backed lounge chair.

Available in 100% wool in the following colour suggestions of Maharam’s Divina collection.  Other colours available as well as custom choices.