Live Edge Slab Table

Two mirror halves of a farm fallen walnut tree.

The live edge slab table uses all of the tree, taking slices from bark to bark and marrying them together with butterfly joinery. The slab style legs are made with matching wood connected with exposed industrial hardware.

Shown here with a reversible elm top accentuating the natural curves on the inside of the table, or it can be rotated for a raw and natural outside edge. 

The solid walnut table was exhibited as part of our Sibling Revelry exhibit at the 2011 Interior Design Show.

Butterfly joinery marries the slices of tree together, the visual effect can be subtle or quite dramatic.  

Two mirror halves of a farm fallen walnut tree are stitched back together and the cut ends form the legs of this custom piece.

The live-edge table below was created for use outdoors and is made of the distinctly-hued locally harvested osage orange wood and walnut joinery.


Designed 2008

Available in various hardwoods including walnut, osage orange, elm, white oak, birch, maple, and fir

Offered on a made-to-order basis in a variety of solid woods, with or without leaves and in custom sizes.

Standard dining table sizes:

150cm x 76cm x 75cm
(60" x 30" x 30")  4-6 people

180cm x 80cm x 75cm  
(72" x 32" x 30")  6-8 people

240cm x 90cm x 75cm  
(96" x 36" x 30")  8-10 people

300cm x 106cm x 75cm
(120" x 42" x 30")  10-12 people

Also available as a desk or coffee table.