With a focus on sustainability, and an eye to material, process, and craftsmanship, we create custom works and limited edition pieces from our downtown Toronto workshop/studio. In the ten years since our inception we have developed and evolved a comprehensive line of furnishings, lighting and objects which we consider our collection. Readily available or produced-on-demand these our are signature pieces.



We use local, reclaimed, found, ecologically friendly and responsibly harvested materials, working to promote a return to local manufacturing and resources. Our design process uses as much of each material as possible, giving cut-offs and waste streams new life as innovative new products.

Commonly used materials include: 
• reclaimed white oak
• solid walnut
• Birch plywood
• osage orange
• reclaimed elm
• birch
• maple
• fir
• cherry
• hemlock
• ash
• salvaged hardware
• found objects
• Low-watt compact   fluorescent bulbs and LED lighting
• All natural stain
• Hemp oil finish
• Water-based lacquer finish
• Locally made beeswax finish