We are material-based designers striving to maximize the natural features and strengths of responsiblysourced material to design and build bespoke furnishings, lighting, objects and special projects. With a focus on sustainability, and an eye to material, process, and craftsmanship, we create custom works and limited edition pieces from our downtown Toronto workshop/studio.

Brothers Dressler use local, reclaimed, found, ecologically friendly and responsibly harvested materials, working to promote a return to local manufacturing and resources. Our design process uses as much of each material as possible, giving cut-offs and waste streams new life as creative new products. As fine craft furniture makers specializing in sustainable design it is our purpose to make furniture that offers the opportunity for the conscious consumer to purchase goods that affect positive change. 

Furniture is ubiquitous and will continually be produced. We hope to encourage a different way of looking at furniture acquisition, being conscious of where the materials come from and their stories, how objects are made and the design and long-life durability of a piece. The focus of our work is to use effective design to inspire a change in how we look at the objects that surround us, both those that we consider waste and those we preserve and care for.

As part of our sustainability imperative we embrace opportunities to partner with like-minded non-profit organizations in order to have a positive impact on our community, as well as promote and engage in thoughtful discussion on environmental and sustainability issues. We also seek opportunities to share our vision with students pursuing art, architecture and design. We’ve recently worked with Story Planet on their Intergalactic Travel Authority as well as OCAD U along with past works with Evergreen Brickworks, PARC (Parkdale Activity- Recreation Centre), Shorefast Foundation, The DX (Design Exchange), The Furniture Bank, Sheridan School of Crafts and Design, the University of Lethbridge, the University of Toronto School of Architecture & Design, Ryerson University’s Interior Design Faculty and the YMCA. Some of our other clients include Lululemon, Anthropologie, Pixar, Burton Snowboards, Soma Chocolate as well as restaurants Canoe, Boehmer, North of Brooklyn, Ortolan, Archive, Aft and Drake One Fifty.


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Brothers Dressler incorporate the following environmentally sustainable attributes into design and manufacture wherever possible:

Economical use of materials 
Waste stream recovery
Salvaged and reclaimed wood
Responsibly harvested wood
Salvaged iron and hardware
Found objects
Low-watt compact fluorescent
   bulbs and LED lighting
All natural stain
Hemp oil finish
Water-based lacquer finish
Locally made beeswax finish
Flat packs (for reduced shipping
Modularity and flexibility for
   increased lifespan
Objects which can be completely 
   dismantled into their component