Root Table

A massive river-swept sycamore root forms the main supporting pedestal for a cantilevered top created from old growth white oak which has been laying on the bottom of Georgian Bay for the last 150 years. 


Designed 2011

Custom built to order. This one-of-a-kind piece is subject to the limited availability of its salvaged components.

Ash Out of Quarantine 

Various sizes and shapes made to order.

Standard dining table sizes:

180cm x 80cm x 75cm  
(72" x 32" x 30")  6-8 people

240cm x 90cm x 75cm  
(96" x 36" x 30")  8-10 people

300cm x 106cm x 75cm
(120" x 42" x 30")  10-12 people

These materials, also used for the four matching benches, have taken unorthodox routes to our woodshop. The root base and bench legs come from a Southern Ontario sycamore tree swept into a river and caught up by ice flow. It was a casualty of the intensifying industrial row crop agriculture which is eroding the soil on the riverbanks. A sapling is planted for each tree salvaged from the rivers. The table and bench tops were made from white oak originally growing over a millennium ago. In the 19th century, while flowing down the Great Lakes by the millions and heading to England to become ships and other structures, thousands of logs sunk to the bottom of the lakes where the low oxygen and cold waters protected them. These logs are being harvested and dried and, similar to the sycamore, are being used to create wood furnishings without felling new trees.

Single root table with ash top

This two-root based table is graced with a walnut top.